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Articles By Richard Day

By: Richard Day
Think twice or three times before you use any software that advertises that it will speed up your computer and fix problems with your registry or your drivers. Here is a true story about what happened to me.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Driver ,Updating ,Nightmare ,application ,computer ,drivers ,registry ,feeling ,used ,device ,boot
Category : Computer Repair
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By: Richard Day
It is possible to use Sony Movie Studio 8 to edit videos made with the Canon HV-40 camcorder. You just need to know the work-around. This work-around should be helpful to people who use other non-linear editing software, too.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Sony ,Movie ,Studio ,Eight ,Capture ,Problem ,Canon ,HV-Fourty ,Sony ,Movie ,capture ,problem ,software ,Canon ,Studio ,using ,video
Category : Photography
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By: Richard Day
Each year the IRS determines the maximum contribution rates and deductibles of HSA plans. Learn what the limits are for 2010. Also, walk through an example of how to use your HSA plan.(read entire article)
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Keywords : New ,HSA ,Contribution ,Limits ,TwoHundredTen ,deductible ,plan ,maximum ,savings ,doctor ,Savings ,coverage ,single ,family
Category : Health Insurance
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By: Richard Day
One of the secrets to making a transparent video is making the file size small. Learn how to compress your videos, and learn some of the tricks to making transparent videos.(read entire article)
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Keywords : How ,Make ,Transparent ,Walk-on ,Video ,Two ,video ,make ,videos ,transparent ,background ,settings ,size ,file ,type
Category : Internet
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