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Articles By Rick Rakauskas

By: Rick Rakauskas
The biggest issue when it comes to weight loss is not just a case of the right diet or exercise plan. Like many other issues, it's the mind and what we believe that really counts.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Weight ,Loss ,Willpower ,going ,weight ,hypnotherapy ,change ,thinking ,beliefs ,food ,used ,Number
Category : Weight
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By: Rick Rakauskas
If you've got small children, a newspaper might be even more useful once you've finished reading it.(read entire article)
View : 100 Times   Article Number : 134319
Keywords : Uses ,Old ,Newspapers ,newspaper ,child ,children ,Montessori ,make ,learning ,swords ,Newspaper ,pictures
Category : Hobbies-Or-Crafts
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By: Rick Rakauskas
How do you prepare yourself to sing in public, apart from taking a course of singing lessons? These simple tips will help you get ready before you go onstage.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Getting ,Ready ,Sing ,singing ,performance ,make ,nerves ,take ,feel ,problem ,first ,sure
Category : Music
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By: Rick Rakauskas
Modern strollers certainly aren't like the things that modern parents had to ride in back in the 1970s, with the wheel design being one of the most important innovations.(read entire article)
View : 109 Times   Article Number : 134002
Keywords : Stroller ,Wheels ,strollers ,stroller ,wheels ,prams ,modern ,rentals ,used ,swivel ,older
Category : For Newborns
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By: Rick Rakauskas
What do you have to look out for when you choose a stroller and you have two children, whether they're twins or several years apart?(read entire article)
View : 99 Times   Article Number : 132178
Keywords : Strollers ,Two ,Kids ,stroller ,children ,double ,child ,strollers ,luggage ,older ,ride ,renting
Category : Shopping
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