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By: Stacy Robinson
Insurance companies have come up with a variety of loopholes to avoid paying policyholders long-term disability. Two of the most common reasons, are termed own occupation and ransferable skillset. Transferable skillset, is a clause in which a person can(read entire article)
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Tags : Deny ,Claim ,Based ,Skillset ,skillset ,insurance ,benefits ,clause ,skills ,company ,occupation ,person
Category : Fitness Information
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Date : 2012-06-19
By: Stacy Robinson
One of the most exciting and joyful time of your life is when you have a baby growing inside you. The changes to your body, both physically and emotionally are just incredible. The best way of remembering this amazing time is to chronicle the changes with(read entire article)
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Tags : Seven ,Top ,Tips ,Maternity ,Shots ,tummy ,photos ,record ,clothes ,shots ,changes
Category : Photography
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Date : 2012-06-18
By: Stacy Robinson
In a recent study conducted by the Federal Auditor General regarding the finances of each province, it was discovered that one province charges the most for Auto Insurance. With the average motor vehicle claim rounding out to $56,000 the charges for that(read entire article)
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Tags : Why ,Big ,Differences ,Auto ,Insurance ,Charges ,Country ,insurance ,Insurance ,Ontario ,rates ,Government ,Auto ,industry ,province ,auto
Category : Auto Insurance
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Date : 2012-06-17
By: Stacy Robinson
Summer is the most dangerous season annually as people are more susceptible to being involved in accidents. Catastrophic injuries go up in number during the summer, as a variety of factors, including alcohol and drug use, along with a lack of attention, f(read entire article)
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Tags : Catastrophic ,Injuries ,Summer ,Avoided ,summer ,catastrophic ,injury ,injuries ,avoided ,swimming
Category : Lawyers and Legal
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Date : 2012-06-14
By: Stacy Robinson
Being involved in a motor vehicle accident of any kind can be an overwhelming experience. The reality is, that while the government and its enforcement agencies, such as the police and the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicle, take measures to make people d(read entire article)
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Tags : Motorcycle ,Accidents ,Avoided ,motorcycle ,accidents ,injury ,people ,motorcycles ,ride ,injuries ,vehicle
Category : Automotive
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Date : 2012-06-04
By: Stacy Robinson
The controversy surrounding the damage to the environment being done by fish farms continues to make headlines and to confuse readers. Over the past year there have been many articles writing that claim fish farms destroy the environment by polluting the(read entire article)
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Tags : Fish ,Farming ,Habitat ,water ,farming ,waste ,farms ,food ,environment ,operations ,done ,fresh
Category : Fishing
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Date : 2012-06-04
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