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By: Sue Painter
Is it really possible to create the money and life we want? In this article, Sue talks about how we sometimes create barriers against the very things we say we want. Her story about Ben and his willingness to make three small changes that he could afford (read entire article)
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Keywords : How ,Create ,Money ,Life ,Want ,life
Category : Internet
By: Sue Painter
Stepping out in faith that small, consistent actions will build your business is a key to success. This story tells what happened to Ben after he committed to only three daily practices that begin to change his life.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Miracle ,Consistent ,Action ,Building ,Business ,business ,work ,energy ,action
Category : Self Improvement
By: Sue Painter
Figuring out why solo professionals don't succeed in creating the business of their dreams means looking at the inner blocks they hold to moving forward. When no action is taking place on the outside, it's a sure bet that self-honesty and discovery is nee(read entire article)
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Keywords : How ,Tell ,If ,Want ,Biz ,Betty ,business ,work ,second ,forward ,create ,money ,inner ,felt
Category : Internet
By: Sue Painter
One fail-proof way to make more money is to develop simple systems that will keep your business on track. Here's four quick and easy systems that will help your business flourish.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Four ,Ways ,Keep ,Business ,Track ,thinking ,business ,habit ,doing ,strong ,timer ,list
Category : Strategies
By: Sue Painter
It's easy for solo professionals to sit and wonder why their business isn't taking off. More than likely, if the problem isn't a bad business model or a weak marketing plan, the block can be found by looking in your mirror. Sue explains her proven formula(read entire article)
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Keywords : Block ,Keeps ,Business ,Succeeding ,business ,marketing ,inner ,strategy ,plan ,blocks ,work ,professionals ,formula
Category : Internet
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