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By: Todd A. Smith
Any diehard college football fan knows that the season does not get started until late October or early November, when the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) controversy takes center stage, and fans throughout the country debate who the best teams are in the (read entire article)
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Keywords : Politicians ,Solve ,BCS ,Controversy ,controversy ,teams ,Obama ,system ,season ,throughout ,playoff ,find
Category : News-Or-Events
By: Todd A. Smith
They put their lives in harm's way everyday to protect our freedom They show bravery in the midst of battle overseas, that we cannot even possibly imagine(read entire article)
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Keywords : Show ,Military ,Appreciation ,ThreeSixFive ,Days ,military ,heroes ,make ,lives ,appreciation ,show
Category : Online Search
By: Todd A. Smith
Imagine if you witnessed someone you knew murder your entire family The tragedy of witnessing something this horrific was beginning to subside, until the murderer is released early and sent back to the same community in which you lived(read entire article)
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Keywords : Review ,Documentary ,Shows ,Reconciliation ,Rwandan ,Genocide ,Rwandan ,genocide ,Tutsi ,family ,survivors ,Hutu ,Rwanda ,Rosaria
Category : News-Or-Events
By: Todd A. Smith
What's important in life Is it the material things, like the fancy house and swimming pools that makes one happy(read entire article)
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Keywords : Independent ,Film ,Actor ,Verge ,Greatness ,Collins ,film ,actor ,independent ,life ,York ,African ,career ,roles
Category : Personal Developement
By: Todd A. Smith
Shawn Marion knows exactly what it feels like to struggle The 10-year NBA veteran knows how it feels to spend days hungry while his mother, Elaine, worked her fingers to the bone so she could raise four children as a single mother(read entire article)
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Keywords : Shawn ,Marion ,Foundation ,Helping ,Single-Parent ,Families ,Marion ,Shawn ,Foundation ,mother ,playing ,college ,feels ,career ,school
Category : Internet
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