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By: Valery Satterwhite
The phenomenon of affluent teenagers experiencing epidemic rates of depression, anxiety and eating disorders at rates higher than those of any other socioeconomic group. These teens & young adults express something in common - their life has been an ordea(read entire article)
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Keywords : Given ,Expected ,child ,enough ,parents ,inner ,perfection ,world ,want ,parent ,children
Category : Parenting
By: Valery Satterwhite
A profound lesson in the power in living richly from the inside out played out in the pages of the Los Angeles Times recently. On the very same day there was news of Dennis Rodman's walk of shame in court and Magic Johnson's Guggenheim Baseball Managemen(read entire article)
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Keywords : Leveraged ,Wealth ,Contrast ,Dennis ,Rodman ,Magic ,Johnson ,Rodman ,life ,wealth
Category : Sports
By: Valery Satterwhite
Like many who've exhibited 'what were you thinking!?!' behavior, John Edwards may have sought to be acknowledged for what he felt was lacking within himself. In doing so he created a self-fulfilling prophecy by further distancing himself from the validati(read entire article)
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Keywords : John ,Edwards ,Values ,Misalign ,Edwards ,want
Category : Personal Developement
By: Valery Satterwhite
This is the time of year when people get off the proverbial treadmill of their workday world and allow themselves some time to reflect on the past year - what they accomplished, what they didn't, what was good, and what wasn't so great. Here is one profou(read entire article)
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Keywords : How ,Empower ,New ,Inner ,Wizard
Category : Self Improvement
By: Valery Satterwhite
Do you have people in your life who sprinkle misery wherever they go? When you spend time with them, do these people suck the life energy right out of you? Here are 4 Steps to manage and transform your relationship with that person.(read entire article)
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Keywords : Four ,Steps ,Manage ,Toxic ,People ,person ,life ,toxic ,feel ,people ,want
Category : Self Improvement
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