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By: Yamaya Cruz
Everyday, we are warned. We have spiritual text such as the Bible and Odu that guide us through life. We pretty much know right from wrong. However, there are defining moments when our weaknesses get the best of us. We think that it is okay to let things(read entire article)
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Keywords : Spiritual ,Awareness ,Avoiding ,Slippery ,Slopes ,Life ,Gizmo ,life ,weaknesses ,people
Category : Self Improvement
By: Yamaya Cruz
It is through the art of meditation that we can began to understand the workings of our internal state. Chaos destroys a lot of people because they try to remedy their problems from the physical world. However, attacking our problems from within, in the s(read entire article)
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Keywords : Benefits ,Meditation ,chaos ,world ,internal ,state ,meditation
Category : Self Improvement
By: Yamaya Cruz
n Ifa, we stress the concept of reciprocity because everything in nature is an exchange. But if you don't have self-love, there is no exchange. You become a beggar, a vagabond who drifts through life with no real direction or purpose. People don't like yo(read entire article)
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Keywords : If ,Can't ,Love ,people ,value
Category : Self Improvement
By: Yamaya Cruz
Our loneliness is a result of our conditioning; we are reared to believe that love is scarce. It is something that we have to work for, or something that we have to earn. So we go through life, writing 'love checks mistakenly believing that other people a(read entire article)
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Keywords : Love ,Abundance ,love ,people ,money ,services ,abundance ,system ,give ,going
Category : Alternative
By: Yamaya Cruz
This is what separates the Great Prophets from ordinary man. They are on a higher level of consciousness and know and see things that ordinary man cannot. They work to implement change. The suffering that these prophets actually endure come from these opp(read entire article)
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Keywords : Orunmila ,Orunmila ,people ,prophets ,understand
Category : Religion
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